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Blotto Twinks and the Intimate Revue

It starts innocently enough at the intimate revue “absolutely everyone is talking about” Light and Frothy where its glamorous star Frou-Frou Gavotte has rather taken the fancy of Blotto’s school friend Giles “Whiffler” Tortington. But while Blotto and Whiffler wait for the star outside the theatre Whiffler is seized and manhandled into the back of a cab. . . Leaving Blotto with the problem of how to rescue him. Naturally he enlists Twinks’s help and the two of them encounter actors impresarios cockney showgirls and Scotland Yard’s finest - and white slave traders who succeed in abducting Twinks - leaving it up to Blotto and his trusty chauffeur Corky Froggett to rescue her before she’s shipped off to foreign parts. . .

  • Published by Isis Publishing Ltd
  • Fiction/Non-FictionFiction
  • Genre Mystery
  • Target Audience Adult
  • Released 1st November 2019
  • Duration 06 Hrs. 20 Mins.
  • ISBN 9781445085708